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Sedan, Truck, Business & Exotic Vehicles


Apartments, Condos, Homes


Retail, Office buildings & Government Buildings

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Conceal Tints specializes in residential, commercial, and automobile window tinting. We also specialize in automobile Vinyl wrapping and lettering.

white sedan

35% Tinted white titanium tint

Residential Window Tint

Limo reflective film

Commercial Vehicle Window Tint

Limo tint on commercial vehicle

Car Vinyl Wrap

Full Body vinyl wap

White Sedan

20% Window Tint

Coupe window tinting

35 % titanium coupe window tinting

man tinting window

Jamal tinting 20% commercial film

sedan window tinting

20% window tinting

Sedan window tint

35% window tint




(Pictured: Jamal Chisam - CEO & Founder)


Conceal Tints have been experts in the field of window treatment since 2013. What started as a small family-owned business working on various luxury and standard motor vehicles has now expanded to something so much more. Together we have now completed various government contracts for “name the administrations or buildings” to help improve privacy while also bringing a glamours and professional look and feel. While working with federal and state contracts we’ve also managed to expand our portfolio by working with private companies such as Darcars Car dealership and other small businesses to bring our community together developing a well-rounded base. Our clientele ranges from the Maryland Police Department to some of the biggest and well-known businesses in the DC metropolitan area.


At Conceal Tints no Job is too big or too small. Conceal Tints prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service and superior professionalism by being sure to treat every valued customer the same. Conceal Tints strives to deliver excellence and high-quality work on every project. Conceal Tints is not only invested in our clients but also our community. Conceal Tints will always make sure to give our best effort to accommodate our customers through expert and honest consultation whether it be for a residential home, commercial building or vehicle. We appreciate and value each customer who comes through our doors, the next one should be YOU!

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